When Your Birds Hate Certain Family Members…


Without a doubt, this is the most common question we get here: “my bird loves me, hates everyone else” or “my bird loves everyone but me” or “I used to be the favorite, now my bird likes someone else better”.

If you have not yet figured this out, brace yourself, this is going to sting...

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Gaining The Trust Of A Bird That Permanently Needs Medication


Charlie the galah. His previous owner took him to the vet to get his darkened nostrils checked out but no cause was found. We now know that Charlie’s liver was causing vomiting that was mild enough not to be noticed. A discharge from his nostrils were a part of that.


I’ve found myself in the worst place to be when it comes to developing a healthy relationship with a bird. My Galah, Charlie, came to me from a decent home but had a rescue ...

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When A Bird Only Behaves For One Person…


My exceptionally well behaved Blue and Gold Macaw - Fid.


Last night, I was 2.5 hrs late home. It wasn’t controllable or predictable. Who can predict being stuck in stationary traffic while a drunk tow truck driver kept blocking and unblocking the road (even though he wasn’t trying to tow anyone?!?) No one was going anywhere until he either got arrested or got off the road and let the traffic move again.

I have an erratic schedule at the best of times, so the birds ...


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The One Person Bird

It apparent to me that one of the biggest problems in bird ownership is with the bird who is only bonded to a single individual in the house. I hear about it almost daily. Interestingly enough, many people don’t even see it as a problem, or as the origins of the problem they are currently...

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How to Bond with a One Person Bird

QI am the third person to have Chip-Chip. He has about fifteen words he says. At first he loved me and kissed on my cheek-rode on my shoulder,then one day he was on my knee and I leaned over to talk to him and he flew up and bit my lip. About two days later he bit threw my shirt and made my arm bleed. Now he wants to bite me every chance he gets. He takes food from my ...

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