Teaching Your Bird To Play Independently

I remember seeing a heart-wrenching meme a few years ago that left a huge impact on me. It pictured a bird inside a cage: “You have your job, your family, your friends. I only have you.” I actually lay awake that night thinking about the truth of it. How many bird spend the majority of their days, unmotivated and inactive, waiting for their humans to come home from work?

It makes sense that these same ...Save

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How Much Time Does A Parrot Need To Spend With You Everyday?

Q: I have a 7 year old yellow naped amazon named Petey. I have had him since he was a baby and he means everything to me. I was just given a promotion at work and my new position is going to take up a some of the time I used to spend with Petey and I am afraid it will change our relationship. How much time is too little to be spending with him?

-Jack M., Laguna Beach, CA

A: There really aren’t any minmum requirements as to the ...

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Too Much Cuddle Time Is Not A Good Thing

I miss my birds terribly when I am away from them. Sometimes when I am at work, a coworker will see me staring off into the distance with a big smile on my face and will automatically know I am thinking about my feathered family. Sometimes all I want to do is go home and cuddle up to one of my cockatoos, arms holding him tightly against me and nose buried in soft, white feathers. But, as appealing as the thought of this is, I know it is...

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