Do You Have A Bird Sitter?

When the subject of vacationing comes up, a large number of parrot owners reveal that they don’t travel because they are afraid to leave their birds. Either they don’t have anyone they trust to care for them, or they are afraid that their bird will have disowned them by the time they get home.

Today I am going to try to talk you out of that thinking...

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A Small Warning Sign That Precedes Big Behavioral Problems


When people contact us about problems with their birds, one common (and notable) element is that most people are very surprised to learn that their relationship with their bird isn’t what they thought it was. They explain their once friendly and interactive relationship and now, suddenly, their bird wants nothing to do with them. They are always reluctant to believe you when you assure them that none of this happened suddenly.

No matter what bird sites you ...


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My Bird SCREAMS When Someone Comes To Visit!

Q: My bird is really well behaved most of the time but when someone comes over she screams and if I let her out she tries to bite them. How can I stop this?

-Bryce H., Birmingham, AL

A: Birds are naturally concerned with anything new that appears in their environment. It is a safety protocol for them to be very aware of and familiar with everything in their vicinity because things that are out of place might indicate danger. When something new appears, red ...


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Why Do We Feed Our Birds Pellets?

Cold pressed Feed Your Flock pellets

Cold pressed Feed Your Flock pellets

What is a parrot pellet?

Formulated diets for our pets have been around for years. After watching the booming cereal industry produce tons of fast, convenient breakfast foods for eager consumers, someone cleverly put the same machinery to use to produce dry dog and cat food.

In later years, as parrots became more commonplace in homes all over the world, this same theory was applied to a formulated diet for ...

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Parrot “Quirks”: Which To Accept, Which To Change

Linus HAS to be the holder of the keys – even when they are Jamie’s.

Parrots are weird. They are. No matter how long we may have lived with a particular bird, there are days that they will do things to confound us. Many of a bird’s activities, and the reasoning behind them, are a mystery to we humans; but the waters of understanding get ...


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Persistent Parrot Behaviors

We have gotten several questions in the past couple of weeks where people are asking for help in handling their bird’s persistent behaviors. Calling a bird persistent is almost an understatement. When they get an idea in their head it is difficult to get them to part with it. Sometimes it turns into the ultimate battle of wills between a bird and their human.

We have all been there: the bird tries to walk off with ...

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