Do We (Unintentionally) Limit Our Birds’ Happiness?

Umbrella cockatoo (and me)

Let’s face it. Being the self-appointed guardian of a non-human loved one is a big responsibility which requires us to keep continuously educated with current information so that we can properly provide for their every need and keep them healthy and safe. That is, after all, the job we signed on for.

It is daunting when you think about. The internet is filled with warnings and scary possibilities. There seems to be no ...


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Keeping A Parrot Out Of Trouble When It’s Out Of Its Cage


Isn't it sweet how he lies his head on my shoulder? A deceptive picture - he's looking straight down my top to check out what bra I'm wearing...

“I’m sorry I’m late for class, but my parrot broke my bra,” I said to my lecturer as I slipped into a laboratory class 10 mins late. Naturally, this happened when the entire class was listening to the lecturer so suddenly hundreds of students were staring at my chest, trying to see through my top for ...


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What Is Yours Is Actually MINE


My new purple sneakers


I recently bought a new pair of sneakers. They are purple and I absolutely LOVE them. Ok you’re all going to think I’m weird. Who gets that excited over sneakers? The thing is – I’ve been wearing the same pair of sneakers for over 20 years. If you do the maths you will realize that this must mean that I got my old pair when I was a child. I’ll admit it’s a little scary that they lasted that long; ...


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Overcoming a Parrot’s Fear of Something New


The new bird stand that my flock got for Christmas


So I bought the world’s coolest parrot stand as a Christmas gift for my birds. I’d been looking for something like it for a long time. It’s a one-off find; there will never be another exactly like it again. It’s natural wood, well weathered with lots of nooks and crannies to hide things in. There are several places at different heights for birds to sit and it’s on wheels. There are plenty of bits ...


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How to Build Your Parrot a Playstand

Home made playstand for pet parrots

We get the most innovative, creative people posting on our facebook page for If you aren’t over there already, please take a peak and join us!

One of those people is Vince and his fiance Jen. Vince was constantly posting photos of his supplies and progress while he attempted to make a playstand for his parrots. All the ones in the market nowadays are so expensive, and being able to “do it yourself” ...

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My Brilliant Bird

In the last 15 or 20 years, scientists came to the conclusion that birds are intelligent. More recently, they have considered avian intelligence to be in line with that of the primates. Of course, we bird enthusiasts...

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