What Do You Do When You Find A Baby Wild Bird?


Not an Australian native – this is a feral/pest species found here; so not one that can legally be placed in a shelter and a vet would have to euthanise it.  Fortunately, I could reunite it with its parents.


Baby birds are one of the most common wild bird rescue situations that I deal with during the warmer months. At the time I’m typing this, I’m literally waiting for the night to end and daylight to come so I can follow-up on a case ...


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Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Birds Breed

blue throated macaws

I think this spring season has been the hardest one I have dealt with in a very long time. My two formerly egg-less female birds have both produced their first eggs this year – in the case of my goffins cockatoo, the only one in 28 years. It is an ongoing battle that calls for constant changes to the environment to keep her and Libby, my quaker, from any further laying.

The male cockatiels spend every second of their out of cage time in the search for someplace dark ...

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