How Consistency Shapes Parrot Behavior - REAL Results!

This session is definitely the one I've been waiting for.  We were having incredibly long training sessions due to the amount of time it was taking to get Morgan to step OFF of Patty. Why was this becoming a trouble area? Inconsistency = unclear communication.  Patty was constantly inconsistent with the step off. Examples: Sometimes a...
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Macaw With Foot Defect Learns to Wave With It!

I've been talking about training this since I got [access] to Morgan over a month ago. When she showed body language of wanting to interact with me, I decided to give it a go. We spent literally 2 minutes together training this.  I noticed when I lifted my right arm a certain way, she would raise her bum foot. I've noticed this since I brough...
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Jealousy: A VERY Powerful Parrot Training Tool

Jealousy among parrots can usually result in two very different outcomes: Aggression towards one another.  MOTIVATION!   I've experienced both, and there's a fine line you have to be sure not to cross to keep in the "motivation" side of things and be able to USE that jealousy to your training advantage.  In my last post I showed you a real tra...
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Using Capturing To Teach Your Parrot to Talk on Cue

My male galah Bandit already says "baby boy" but he says it whenever he feels like it, not whenever I want him to. So I decided it was the next phrase of his I wanted to put on cue!  He currently says the following on cue already: Cue: Waving of my fingers // Word: Bandit Cue: Word "kiss" // Action: Leaning in, giving a kiss on the cheek with t...
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Conditioning Your Parrot to Allow Touch

Dave and I have always done this as a "habit" with our birds. We do this mostly with just our macaws because they tend to reject touch more than our other parrots, such as our cockatoos or grey. So, to be on the safe side and to always know that we won't be getting bit in the face, we make sure to present a treat when we kiss our birds on the t...
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Indoor Flight Training Parrots Basics

This week Dave and I go over the very basics and beginnings of some indoor flight training basics and how to get started. Please remember we are trying to condense the information down for you, so this is not done in “real time” – in real time you would take much longer on each phase of improvement. Since our flock is already flight trained, we are able to show you in fast moving steps.

We took your guys’ advice and used a mic for this video – and because we were docking in Bermuda at the ...

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