How to Bond with a One Person Bird

QI am the third person to have Chip-Chip. He has about fifteen words he says. At first he loved me and kissed on my cheek-rode on my shoulder,then one day he was on my knee and I leaned over to talk to him and he flew up and bit my lip. About two days later he bit threw my shirt and made my arm bleed. Now he wants to bite me every chance he gets. He takes food from my ...

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Changing Your Bird’s Environment

The night Storm got to our Florida home, we moved him to his new cage… it was a BIG change from his usual home, especially for a bird with no real experience playing with toys.


The goal? To get Storm to start exercising more by climbing all around this new, larger environment and get active with new toys and things to do throughout the day.

We put him in a giant cage with plenty of new and fun food finding toys. ...


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Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot: Meet Storm

Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot

This is Storm… and his current diet is so bad that he could literally die from a random heart attack any day. Actually, his owners are expecting it! So, Dave and I have taken him in to work with him to lower his chances of dying from a heart attack from his obesity and malnutrition.

Many Amazon parrots die from fatty liver disease because of being on an all-seed or extremely high fat diet. For Storm, it has been cheeseburgers and ...

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