Using Touch Training to Solve a Problem With My Eclectus Parrot

Male eclectus parrot.


My male Eclectus Pepi, has been a flying nightmare lately. He has gone from being sweet, affectionate and talkative to being moody, unpredictable and often downright nasty. It happened overnight and hasn’t been accompanied by any of the usual signs of sickness.


Of all of my birds, it’s Pepi who seems to have the nastiest bite. He has this knack for getting a tiny bit of skin pinched in his beak. When something ...


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What Works For Some Birds Doesn’t For Others

Blue and Gold macaw, Fid.

One of the main problems that I have had with my Blue and Gold Macaw Fid, is getting him to settle at night. He cries when I put him to bed, he cries again when I turn off the light, he screams in fear if anything disturbs him and he often wakes up and starts making a heart wrenching, hiccupping sob noise for no obvious reason.

In my last post on Fid, I ...


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Why I Don’t Make a Good “Permanent” Home for Rescue Birds

One of my FAVORITE things is taking in other people’s birds and totally transforming them. Me doing this lead to our Total Transformation Course at where we realized we should be sharing these tools we use to change other people’s birds with those people so they can learn how to do it themselves. It was a great thing and even after the fact, I still enjoy doing it because every bird teaches ...


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Too Much Cuddle Time Is Not A Good Thing

I miss my birds terribly when I am away from them. Sometimes when I am at work, a coworker will see me staring off into the distance with a big smile on my face and will automatically know I am thinking about my feathered family. Sometimes all I want to do is go home and cuddle up to one of my cockatoos, arms holding him tightly against me and nose buried in soft, white feathers. But, as appealing as the thought of this is, I know it is...

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Aviary Placement

Hyacinth Macaw

Ok, you have finally picked out the perfect type of outdoor aviary for your parrot to spend his days basking in the sun and taking in all the outdoor sights and sounds….let me just say Congratulations on making one of the most important decisions you can make for your pet parrot!!!!

I’m sure you have some toys and some really exciting ideas for decorating your birds new “outdoor” world. You are now completely excited and just can’t wait for the day it arrives and you can put it together and get ...

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Training Parrots For Show Environments

Camelot Macaws

We’ve had a lot of fun training our parrots for the Ringling Circus shows. Out of the 9 birds we brought along with us on the road, we have 5 currently in the show as of dress rehearsals on December 20th. Our goal is to be able to have all the birds do the show, so that they get plenty of days off! This way we can rotate who does which show.

The first birds we implemented into the show were our camelot macaws. We chose them for the opening ...

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