Can Older or Plucked Parrots Learn to Fly?

I saw a comment the other day that really struck me. Someone said that because they didn't teach their bird to fly as a baby, that it would simply never be able to learn. I don't want anyone believing that about their birds that didn't learn to fly at the fledging age. Yes, a bird learning to fly as a baby is ideal, it's how nature intended, HO...
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Linus’ Vacation

Q: What is loud, destructive, high maintenance and totally missed?

 – Patty J., Orlando, FL

A: Linus the umbrella cockatoo.

People have been asking how Linus is doing in New Mexico. It’s hard for me to write about it because I think the only way I get through this is by not thinking about it – or trying not to. I am grateful to so completely trust the person taking care of Linus that I never have to worry for his physical well being. That fact is ...

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