Cockatoos are a very popular choice as companions for many new bird lovers. Along with their stunning appearance, they are a very interactive species both emotionally and physically: traits that make them endearing. However, the cockatoo is arguably the most complicated and challenging of the many parrot species. For that reason they are the on...
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How to Survive with Parrots in an Apartment

Bobo the umbrella cockatoo.

Umbrella cockatoos may be quiet sometimes, but they have the capability to produce an ear-splitting scream like a dying, wounded animal.


We can’t expect our parrots to be quiet all the time. Many species are naturally noisy, such as sun conures, amazons or cockatoos. While we can train our birds that excessive screaming isn’t okay, I feel that it’s important to allow them to let off steam sometimes.

Enter the scream session…

Try making time for a sanctioned (and planned!) ...

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Why Do Cockatoos NEED To Be Cuddled? – A Theory

Umbrella cockatoo

If you are the owner of a cockatoo, especially a white one, you have undoubtedly encountered their constant demand for cuddling. For many people, it is their favorite quality about their cockatoo.

Any time I pick up Linus, my umbrella, he will let all of his weight fall against my shoulders to encourage a good cuddle session. He loves it when I completely envelop him with my arms. I always found it interesting that a prey animal would feel comforted in the arms of a predator – something that ...


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My Brilliant Bird

In the last 15 or 20 years, scientists came to the conclusion that birds are intelligent. More recently, they have considered avian intelligence to be in line with that of the primates. Of course, we bird enthusiasts...

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Re-homing a Parrot

My rehomed cockatoos are the best of friends: Linus, umbrella cockatoo and Theo, goffins cockatoo.

Let me first say that people who rehome a parrot in need of a new home are the biggest-hearted people I know. Finding the patience and compassion that is needed to care for, work with and love these birds is a challenge, even for the most experienced people.

Some parrots have suffered years of abuse and come with medical and psychological issues. Some have been surrendered by people who just didn’t have the energy or knowledge to ...

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