Training Blue and Gold Macaws Not to Bite

Blue and Gold Macaws

Above is a photo of Jersey and Chayko, two related blue and gold macaws that we trained and sold to David Copperfield. I know most of you have seen the photo of Dave with these guys and David in his warehouse in Las Vegas. We originally delivered them to Vegas, and trained David’s entire crew that would be handling them. You may have read various stories about it in our newsletters and various products where we might draw reference to it.

Well, they are now on David’s gorgeous private island in the Bahamas. You can check out some articles about Musha Cay here and visit his website at

If you’d like to see how Jersey and Chayko are doing on the island, check out Cathy Daly’s flickr photostream here! You can see videos of them now talking and dancing! Pretty cute stuff over there.

However… the team on the island isn’t trained like the team was in Vegas that Dave and I personally coached and worked with, with the birds, in person. So, we are headed out tomorrow for 10 days to work with these new people with Jersey and Chayko so things like the picture below don’t happen anymore…

Bird bite

I’ve heard internet is sketchy out there so not sure when I will be posting an update for you all to hear about but keep an eye out!

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