When Your Birds Hate Certain Family Members…


Without a doubt, this is the most common question we get here: “my bird loves me, hates everyone else” or “my bird loves everyone but me” or “I used to be the favorite, now my bird likes someone else better”.

If you have not yet figured this out, brace yourself, this is going to sting...

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Using Touch Training to Solve a Problem With My Eclectus Parrot

Male eclectus parrot.


My male Eclectus Pepi, has been a flying nightmare lately. He has gone from being sweet, affectionate and talkative to being moody, unpredictable and often downright nasty. It happened overnight and hasn’t been accompanied by any of the usual signs of sickness.


Of all of my birds, it’s Pepi who seems to have the nastiest bite. He has this knack for getting a tiny bit of skin pinched in his beak. When something ...


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Training Blue and Gold Macaws Not to Bite

Blue and Gold Macaws

Above is a photo of Jersey and Chayko, two related blue and gold macaws that we trained and sold to David Copperfield. I know most of you have seen the photo of Dave with these guys and David in his warehouse in Las Vegas. We originally delivered them to Vegas, and trained David’s entire crew that would be handling them. You may have read various stories about it in our newsletters and various products where we might draw reference to it.

Well, they ...

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