What a Hormonal Bird Looks Like

Hormones are very apparent in our pet parrots in the spring and the fall, and it's not usually fun for anyone. If you need help dealing with your parrot's hormones; determining the triggers, etc... check out our Hormones Course.

In the meantime while you wait for that course to download, you can watch the above video and see some characteristics that you may recognize!

Hormonal triggers are important to avoid (mushy, warm foods that mimic the texture and temperature of regurgitated food is one) as well as touching your bird in places you shouldn't.

If you need more hormonal resources check out that course, it has a ton of free resource links on the page.





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I have a pet Galah, male, who is approx two years old. I believe he is hitting his first sexually driven hormonal stage and is constantly biting me, hard! While I’m doing nothing to encourage and everything to discourage, I wonder if putting something in his cage (like a soft/fluffy toy) to have ‘his way’ with may allow him to relieve himself and thus be less frustrated, having the best of both worlds and not displaying aggressive/frustrated behaviours towards me???


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