Behind The Scenes With Me

I realize I haven't posted that much about my experiences with my birds in the circus thus far, I've been all over the place, blogging and not at different locations. But my blog is my favorite deep down, so I will try to give it more love and attention... This video is one of me and Jinx on a normal backstage day while waiting for his cue to go on stage. There's an entire period of time where I have a costume change and then go to hang out with Jinx while the Lion Act is on stage. The lion act (like ALL the animal acts) vary in time because well, you're working with animals. So it varies on the amount of time Jinx and I spend together. Sometimes we just sit there and I tell him a story, or sometimes we sit mellowly in silence... or sometimes I turn him on his back and just love on him. It really depends on both of our moods. I tried taking video of every time I went back to see him, but some were really boring while others were just this video all over again so I decided one video of it would suffice. Hope you enjoy this little look behind the scenes with me!

Article by Jamieleigh Womach. She has been working with parrots and toucans since the age of 17. She isn’t homeless but is home less than she prefers to be. She travels the world with her husband, daughter, and a flockful of parrots whom she shares the stage with.

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