Monthly Miracle Complete!

It’s been a heck of a long time since I’ve updated here on my blog, but hopefully you all enjoyed following my progress with Alexandrine Parakeet Rasta on the blog. If you missed it all, you can find it here. The posts are shown from most recent to least recent so go back all the way and start from the beginning if you want to see how everything really progressed! It’s way less impressive to read it backwards ;)  

Photo by Dave Womach Location: Athol, Idaho Shown: Alexandrine parrot "Rasta" trusts me enough to step up!

I was very pleased with my progress with Rasta and decided it was time for him to head home so that his owners could take it from where I left off. I’ve been very pleased with their updates - they even started teaching him to put his wings up on cue and got his aviary all set up!     Not to mention they ordered my Cooking For Parrots cookbook so they could learn how to properly feed Rasta and keep him healthy. His colors and plumage were very dull when he first came to me, and by the end of his stay he was vibrant and beautiful. I even ended up using a photograph of him in the cookbook, as an insert about how certain foods effect the parrot body in positive ways - because his transformation was so vibrant and obvious.   I refer to Rasta as a “monthly miracle” because taking on people’s birds is something I have done in my spare time, or time that I make for people I feel are very deserving of a little help, or head start. After chatting about my interest in this with my brother in law, Chet, he decided to make it available to anyone in need of help with their bird who obtains a copy of our new TV series, One Day Miracles. Rasta the alexandrine parrot is featured in this series and became our monthly miracle. And we talk about how you, too, can have a chance to send your bird to me (or come in and see us live and work with your bird live in front of you) - there’s a lot of options for this program but basically what it means is us one on one with YOUR bird.   Sometimes you just need a professional to get you started in the right direction, or to show you and your bird the way so that you have an easier starting point, a better understanding and are more lined up for success.  

Photo by Jamieleigh Location: Athol, ID Shown: Alexandrine Parakeet "Rasta"

If you’d like to be a monthly miracle of mine, please visit to learn more.  

Photo by one of our freeflight students, I think it was Jeanne?! Location: Moab, UT Shown: Dave and I with our camelot macaws "Comet" and "Tusa" and blue throated macaw "Jinx" Old photo from 2009

Oh, and to announce my own “mini miracle”... I’M PREGNANT!  That’s right, Dave and I are expecting our first HUMAN child in April 2013. :) We will know in about 9-11 weeks if I need to teach Bandit how to say “baby girl” ;)

Article by Jamieleigh Womach. She has been working with parrots and toucans since the age of 17. She isn’t homeless but is home less than she prefers to be. She travels the world with her husband, daughter, and a flockful of parrots whom she shares the stage with.

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