Stop BABYING Your Bird! Let it FAIL! Don't Help, ENCOURAGE!

I've talked about this before, because it comes into play every single time we flight train a bird for outdoors. But the last time I really talked about it was years ago regarding an older Moluccan cockatoo, read the article here. I've never ever met a parrot owner that we haven't had to drill this lesson into. It's normal. It's hard for us, as humans and CARETAKERS, to sit back and watch your bird STRUGGLE without helping.

But your "helping" is not actually helping, it's enabling.

Just like with children, we need to teach and encourage our birds to be brave, to use their minds to figure things out, to trouble-shoot and work through their hardships and to become better birds every single day because of this built up skill and newfound confidence.

I don't know about you, but I tend to learn more from failure than success.

In the above video you're going to see this lesson very much so at play.

And since then, Morgan has been a total rockstar on the "confronting things head-on" front. Check her out in a more recent video:



Can I train my cockatiel the same way. I had him 4 months now. His words are great but he will not allow me to pick him up.


Modern web programme:


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