Storm's 45 Days with Me are Over...

Photo by Jamieleigh Location: Moab, Utah Freeflight: Blue Fronted Amazon "Storm" 

Hopefully most of you remember me talking about the Amazon parrot, Storm, and how I was going to be fostering him for a total of 45 days. Well, that 45 days ended a little bit ago and I'm still here in Moab, Utah with his owners.

The other blog where I talk about our steps we took with him is still updating daily with his adventures with us so if you're curious about our steps, feel free to hop on over there to read about him at

I wanted to share a wonderful e-mail from his owner, that I received while being here with them. It was very touching and honestly, I can't wait to have this experience again!

It reads...

"I am still amazed at how great Storm looks and acts, even more so after seeing him in person again. I am so grateful for what you have done for him.

Even though he stands a far better chance of "not" having a heart attack now than before, I could not believe he was saying "Having a heart attack" when he saw you exit the hotel today and he saw you through the windshield of the motor home. I was laughinig and my heart was just smiling. After you stepped up on the step of the cab and he saw you face to face, he changed his wording to "having a heart" all of his actions told me he was so happy during his time with you and that he is just feeling soooooo much better than he has in a long time. As I talked to you about, I was well aware of his health risks when I brought him back to live with us at Sheri's. I tried what I could to change his diet and was having some success, but I knew it had to happen faster and healthier than I was doing. As grateful as I am for all you have accomplished in such a short time with Storm, I believe you should be so incredibly proud of what you did. For not working with an Amazon before, all that you accomplished was just like you have been re habilitating Amazons for years. So many of us "Pet" bird owners hold our birds back to an unhealthy level, because we feel sorry for our birds or we are just plain afraid and most don't know better. I knew better, but was the main reason for Storm's lack of health and zest for life. I will never let this happen to another bird for as long as I live. I was afraid to leave him without food long enough to get him to eat the right things all the time. I have made so many mistakes. But after seeing what you have done in such a short time with Storm, I now fully know it is better to "in human" terms let them figure it out and allow them the opportunity to succeed instead of "protecting" them nearly to death. Thanks is just not enough to let you know how much I care about what you have done and will never be enough to say how truly grateful I am."

Article by Jamieleigh Womach. She has been working with parrots and toucans since the age of 17. She isn’t homeless but is home less than she prefers to be. She travels the world with her husband, daughter, and a flockful of parrots whom she shares the stage with.

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