Weigh Your Bird Often - Here's How!

If you don't already know why you should weigh your bird, read the following; 

I take this to heart; our birds are the loves of our lives and utterly our livelihood. I thank God for their good health every day because it's impossible to forgot how destroyed I feel when their health is anything less. 

That's why I weigh every day I'm able. It takes very little time out of my day and is so very important. 

The next response I get after people agree, and get themselves a gram scale, is that their bird is too scared to step onto the scale. 

Here are some tips... 

If you're a video person you can get enough tips from this video: 

If you are a text person, here are those:

  1. Use treats! Bribe! Entice your bird to step onto the scale for treats, and reward while your bird is on the scale to give you time to get an accurate read of their weight. 
  2. Target training. Again, reward on the scale. 
  3. If your bird prefers flat surfaces, remove the t-stand perch and let them simply stand flat footed on the scale. 

This was posted as an alternate to weighing your bird, however, I often feel like many people cannot touch their bird at its keel, or if they can and by the time they can it may be further down the road then you wanted. However, this is a very good test if you can perform it on your parrot. I can do so on all of mine and it's an important thing to pay constant attention to: 

Other resources: 


Lori Blecka

Hello. I am looking to purchase a gram scale with a perch. I thought that you offered them for sale here. Am I mistaken? If you do offer them, would you please direct me to them? If not, do you have any suggestions where I might buy one? Thank you. Lori

Lori Blecka

I have a digital gram scale; however, I do not have anything to place on it for a perch. Please recommend an appropriate perch set up and where can I purchase for an English Budgie. thank you

Heather Seymour

I need to take care of birds the right way. I really need scale please.

Heather Seymour

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