Family Friendly Parrot Formula 2

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Family Friendly Parrot Formula 2

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Not familiar with our Family Friendly Parrot Formula series? Be sure to check out Family Friendly Parrot Formula 1.

In part 1 of this educational series, Dave and Jamie broke down the concepts of the Power Pause, Opportunistic Training, The Reset, and many more techniques!
You may have also heard a time or two that...

Every Interaction is a Training Session!

The Family Friendly Parrot Formula 2 builds off everything discussed in the first video and also breaks down our formula of

B + P + T² (+R) = Success!

You'll also get a more in-depth discussion on "what is permission based training?" as well as...

  • Recognizing FU (A Few) Feathers
  • Why you should give your bird the option to say NO!
  • Your true foundation for success stemming around what you're feeding
  • How to set yourself and your bird up to NEVER have to use a "training diet"
  • ABC Mindset
  • What it means to have a "GOLF" handicap and how to use it to your advantage
  • Your Bird's Bank Account (and it has nothing to do with money!)
  • Fully comprehending the "60/40 Rule" so everyone in the household wins!
  • When to be consistent, and when to be inconsistent
  • Random Rewarding (how and when to use it properly)

And so much more!

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The Family Friendly Parrot series is one of the most re-watched products I have from BirdTricks! It seems like every time I encounter an issue with my birds, these videos have a solution. Thanks to them, along with my consultations with Jamie and Dave, my two macaws are happy, healthy, blessedly quiet, well-behaved and can be handled by everyone in our household. What more could anyone ask for?!
- Ashlyn B.
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