Family Friendly Parrot Formula 2

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  • Family Friendly Parrot Formula 2


Family Friendly Parrot Formula 2

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This is the Family Friendly Parrot Formula 2. Its techniques and advice builds upon what you learned in the original Family Friendly Parrot Formula.

My wife and I travel the world coaching our private clients how to work with their wild, biting, screaming parrots; and turn them into loving pets that the entire family can interact with.  

The Family Friendly Parrot Formula 2 breaks down our Formula of B + P + T² (+R) = Success!

We also explain WHAT IS PERMISSION BASED TRAINING? As well as...

  • Recognizing FU "A Few" Feathers
  • Why you should give your bird the option to say NO!
  • Your true foundation for success stemming around what you're feeding
  • How to set yourself and your bird up to NEVER have to use a "training diet"
  • ABC Mindset
  • What it means to have a "GOLF" handicap and how to use it to your advantage
  • Your Bird's Bank Account (and it has nothing to do with money!)
  • Fully comprehending the "60/40 Rule"
  • When to be consistent, and when to be inconsistent
  • Random Rewarding (how and when to use it properly)
  • And sooooo much more!

This series makes it so that you can avoid EVER having a ONE PERSON BIRD, and if you're already in that predicament, how to work towards reversing it!

We will clearly demonstrate how EACH family member, and even strangers, can interact positively with your bird. This series is all about teaching proper balance within your household that everyone can understand.

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