Bird Species

There are over 350 different parrot species. The conures alone, with close to 40 different species, account for more than 10% of the total. We find that many of the differences are not noteworthy enough to warrant the confusion of a separate page for each species. Additionally, too much pointed information often winds up causing misconcept...
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Spoiling your Parrot Vs. Good Quality of Life





How do we tell the difference between spoiling a pet, and giving a good quality of life?

There are two main components for a captive bird’s quality of life:

  1. The basics: Food, water, a decently-sized cage, fresh toys, suitable perches, and a clean, safe environment
  2. Unconditional love: Your understanding, patience, dedication, and empathy

If you’re wondering whether a bird is spoiled, ask if what he has or is being given is really necessary in his life?

Providing a parrot the basics isn’t so basic at all in the eyes of many non-bird people. ...

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The Unique Skill Set of the Small Bird Owner




Before we talk about owners, I think it’s important to talk about their birds first: I do not believe in so-called beginner parrots, or graduating from one species to the next in order of size. This is because I believe that all parrots are made equal. The number of grams they weigh does not define them as ‘beginner,’ ‘intermediate’ or ‘advanced’ – in essence, buying a budgie will only ever teach you how to work with budgies.

My parrotlet is an aggressive, somewhat bipolar fellow ...

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How Much Time Does A Parrot Need To Spend With You Everyday?

Q: I have a 7 year old yellow naped amazon named Petey. I have had him since he was a baby and he means everything to me. I was just given a promotion at work and my new position is going to take up a some of the time I used to spend with Petey and I am afraid it will change our relationship. How much time is too little to be spending with him?

-Jack M., Laguna Beach, CA

A: There really aren’t any minmum requirements as to the ...

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Zazu’s House Parrot Sanctuary Documentary by

As a professional performer who happens to work with parrots, I meet thousands of people each week and I get invited to a lot of parrot rescues because of this.  Now I know that most of the rescues I’ve been to sure meant well, but the fact remains that only a few are making a difference like Christy is at Zazu’s House Parrot Sanctuary just north of Seattle.

I was in the middle of loading my illusions into the arena in Everett, when I received a picture message from one of our tour managers.  She had ...

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The Best Thing You Can Do in Preparation of Getting a Pet Parrot

Photo by Dave
Location: Zazu’s House Parrot Sanctuary
Pictured: Volunteer with blue and gold macaw and Amazon parrots

I love parrot rescues that make you volunteer first so you know exactly what it will be like to have your own parrot. That’s right – no surprises. You’ll be working it all out ahead of time, no excuses either! Though some parrots may act totally different once you get them home for the first time but that’s pretty normal.


Volunteering at a local parrot ...

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