Parrot “Quirks”: Which To Accept, Which To Change

Linus HAS to be the holder of the keys – even when they are Jamie’s.

Parrots are weird. They are. No matter how long we may have lived with a particular bird, there are days that they will do things to confound us. Many of a bird’s activities, and the reasoning behind them, are a mystery to we humans; but the waters of understanding get ...


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Tips To Help Your Bird Get More Exercise

Camelot macaw

I pay close attention when life issues a wake-up call. I am always grateful for the forewarning that danger is lurking up ahead and I try to extract as much positive from the experience as I can. Sometimes these personal near misses drive home lessons that also help me to be a better parront.

I have a pretty good diet. I make healthy food choices and buy good products. My diet is not perfect – I allow ...


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Should Parrots Be Classroom Pets?



I feel that even small parrots – such as budgies and parrotlets – should be left out of the classroom.

Best and Worst Pets for Kids in the Classroom

Reminiscing on the classroom pets of my past, I’ve come to realise that perhaps some were not suited to the hectic learning environments of a school. As an adult, I’m able to think about what creatures I can to expose kids to without stressing out the animal. One of my biggest goals in opening a parrot sanctuary ...

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Tips To Help Your Parrots Through Christmas Gatherings


My elderly galah, Cocky Boy is in position for my annual Christmas pic.


My birds aren’t getting a stack of awesome new toys for Christmas this year. Sounds a bit lousy of me, doesn’t it? I’ve got a good reason for this though.


Christmas is actually a very stressful time for a lot of pet birds. It definitely is for my flock. My extended family tend to descend on my house at Christmas for a large gathering. It doesn’t end there either. The day after ...


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Are Pine Cones Safe For Parrots?

This question comes up fairly often this time of year, so it would seem a blog post on the subject is in order!

We are always looking for ways to keep our birds entertained because a happy bird is a bird that has destroyed toys littering the bottom of the cage. When nature offers us free “toys”, we should gratefully accept.

Pine cones are wondrous little things…they are shreddable, have interesting little slots for hiding things which qualifies them as foraging toys, and they are safe…well, with just a couple of minor tweaks:

How To Find ...


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