Keeping A Parrot Out Of Trouble When It’s Out Of Its Cage


Isn't it sweet how he lies his head on my shoulder? A deceptive picture - he's looking straight down my top to check out what bra I'm wearing...

“I’m sorry I’m late for class, but my parrot broke my bra,” I said to my lecturer as I slipped into a laboratory class 10 mins late. Naturally, this happened when the entire class was listening to the lecturer so suddenly hundreds of students were staring at my chest, trying to see through my top for ...


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Buying Bird Toys That A BIRD Will Like

blue fronted amazon

I was shopping at my local bird store the other day following a large shipment of new toys. I wasn’t there for toys, but I went from shelf to rack to bin with a huge grin on my face because they were so adorable, and as they are made by a private party, unlike anything else in the other stores. It wasn’t long before I realized that my arms were loaded down with toys of various sizes, shapes and colors and I had already begun placing them in ...

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Valentine’s Day Crafts For Parrots

Bondi enjoying a Don’t Break My Heart Crisp from our Holiday Cookbook found at

Pets make the most loyal Valentines, don’t they? I sure think so. That’s why it’s important to take holidays to remember why you love your feathered Valentines soooo much. Here are some fun ways you can express your love to your parrot!

Crafts, to me by the way, mean both edible ones and non-edible ones! When I say rope in any posts, I’m referring to ropes like manilla which break instead of fray. OR just keep a ...

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Overcoming a Parrot’s Fear of Something New


The new bird stand that my flock got for Christmas


So I bought the world’s coolest parrot stand as a Christmas gift for my birds. I’d been looking for something like it for a long time. It’s a one-off find; there will never be another exactly like it again. It’s natural wood, well weathered with lots of nooks and crannies to hide things in. There are several places at different heights for birds to sit and it’s on wheels. There are plenty of bits ...


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How To Decide Which Parrot To Buy

Owning a parrot is a long term commitment. Most parrot species might be with you for 20-40 years, sometimes more. Whether you are getting your very first bird or are looking into another species to add to your flock, you need to be educated beforehand so that you will know what to expect.

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