Toys + Foraging

Forage noun: the act of searching for food and provisions noun: animal food for browsing or grazing verb: wander and feed verb: collect or look around for (food) In the wild parrots spend most of their time (approximately 70% of it) foraging, or looking, for food. Not to mention when given the option of eating their food out of a dish or...
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Naturally Made Parrot Toys: Safe For YOUR Birds

I am sooooo proud of our parrot toy line! I couldn't possibly boast about it enough. When I found this line of Planet Pleasures toys, I KNEW they would be the ONLY line of toys we would carry. I 100% stand behind them and what they're made of. Not only do they make me so happy, but more so my birds and that's what is truly important!  Our toys ...
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Transforming ANY Parrot Toy Into One Your Bird WILL Play With

  Our parrot toys are designed and selected to be transformed into food finding toys, encouraging play and utter destruction!  Playing with toys is a great way to keep your pet bird healthy: Breaking wood and other textures contained in our toys helps keep nails and beaks trimmed naturally  A busy parrot is a happy parrot - birds should be abl...
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Monthly Mystery Parrot Toy Boxes!

I'm so excited about our Monthly Mystery Parrot Toy Boxes! Here's what's great about them if you don't watch the video (or even if you do!): Toys are delivered to YOUR DOOR as often as you choose!  It's a surprise! You don't even know what is in them, only how many you are getting! We pick the appropriate sized toys for your bird and ship them...
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Things I wish I Had Known When I First Got A Parrot

People who are new to parrot keeping will agree on one thing: having a bird in the house is a challenge. There is a lot of reading you should do to understand a bird’s needs and wants, and how to keep them safe in the human environment. This is all vital information.

Here, though, are some tips that I have stumbled across during my own journey with my birds that you won’t find in the parrot care books. I wish I had known these things from the beginning…

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Teaching Your Bird To Play Independently

I remember seeing a heart-wrenching meme a few years ago that left a huge impact on me. It pictured a bird inside a cage: “You have your job, your family, your friends. I only have you.” I actually lay awake that night thinking about the truth of it. How many bird spend the majority of their days, unmotivated and inactive, waiting for their humans to come home from work?

It makes sense that these same ...Save

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